Hollywood Challenge

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  Challenge your teams to direct and produce their own versions of some of Hollywood's all time classic movies! 

Armed with a ready supply of costumes and props, creative juices start to flow as your teams embark on the journey to plan, script and rehearse the story board with the company themes, values and goals in mind. In Hollywood Challenge, the facilitator will guide participants through the creation process, but everything else from lines to scenes rest squarely on your teams' shoulders. With the various groups, a lucky dip will decide which genre or movie they will be filming.
Finished movies are presented in Windows Media format for participants to sit back and relive the magic of Hollywood anytime at their leisure.

Quick Facts

Location: Indoor
Duration: - 240 minutes
Participants: 24 - 140

Key Learning Benefits

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Project Planning/Time Management
  • Energising a Conference
  • Fun/Motivation
  • Understanding Each Other/Team Dynamics
  • Visualizing The Future

Our Customer Testimonials

Hollywood Challenge produces amazingly unexpected results, with team members getting their chance to shine, while pulling on the resources of their team to deliver a final product with clear company messages, sometimes producing hilarious results.

Clifford Chance

Hollywood Challenge is an excellent team building activity which challenged all our delegates to collaborate effectively and we were very impressed with the results.

Maggie Lim, Communications Manager Océ Marketing