One Team Together

The One Team Together programme is designed to help delegates understand the importance of their role in a team, and how they can manage their behaviour to improve working relationships. The whole experience aims to reinforce the basic concept of teamwork, increase co-operation, enhance communication skills and develop team spirit through a series of engaging and interactive activities.

A series of entry level experiential activities with a full team assessment will present the traits of Effective Teamwork including: Supportive Climate, Meaningful Involvement, Shifting Leadership, Clear Goals, Agreed-upon Problem Solving, Consensus Decision Making, Healthy Conflict Management, Open Communication, Task Satisfaction.

Programme Modules

  • Team Bonding and Icebreakers
    Fun warm-up activities to promote team collaboration and enhance teamwork. 
  • Experiential Activities
    Innovative simulations and team collaboration challenges with a strong focus on enhancing team bonding in the workplace. 
  • Back to Work Application
    Teams readily apply all they've learned to their workplace environment. 

Key Learning Benefits

  • Strengthen Team Dynamics
  • Gain shared Insight
  • Develop one Team Unity

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