Dealing With Change


This workshop introduces the concept of the Change Curve that examines individual reactions to change through the 4 natural phases: Denial, Resistance, Exploration and Commitment. The session will also evaluate how an individual can respond positively, and deal with change effectively. Dealing with Change is an excellent vehicle to develop one’s strategic knowledge to plan a way forward with confidence.

Programme Modules

  • Mastering Change (Theory/ Model)
    Designed to surface concerns during change and facilitate a smooth transition through the experience of change for individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • Experiential Activity
    A challenging and fun team activity that allows participants to experience the impact of change in a realistic set scenario.
  • Action Planning
    Teams produce SMART Goals to aid action planning and accountability for change.

Key Learning Benefits

  • Ability to pinpoint one's current stage in the change process
  • Understand the 4 phases of change
  • Develop a strategy for mastering change

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