Contact us for more information about how each of these events can be tailored and delivered with a CSR focus.

  • Bridging the Divide

In true spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility, all key resources used in Bridging the Divide are recycled or recyclable materials.

The programme's end goal requires teams to be able to control budgets, utilize resources efficiently and use recycled materials when possible. This effectively heightens the awareness of a project's impact on the environment and reinforces the rationale concerning sustainability.

  • Creative Juices

In the Creative Juices challenge, the crucial element of the game requires participants to resolve a complex distribution. This is an excellent opportunity to incorporate your Corporate Social Responsibility aspects into the programme – by promoting or reinforcing the important concept of carbon footprint reduction.

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact which business activities have on the environment, and in particular on climate change. Our programme can be tailored specifically to illustrate how your teams can work successfully together to cut down their carbon footprint through a number of ways.

  • Making The News

Making the News provides the framework for your delegates to think about the company's future direction by creating a frictional “front page news” story based on your company's key messages.

This activity can be customised further to enable your delegates to map out a feasible CSR statement and action list in accordance to your business nature. Alternatively, if you already have an existing CRS policy, use this opportunity to explore what other steps can be taken to maintain your company's commitment with regards to social responsibility.

  • Appreciative Inquiry for CSR

The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process is used to inspire and determine a positive approach to generating CSR solutions at your company The AI process focuses on: the 4D approach - Discovery (Appreciating), Dream, Design and Destiny. Great results have been received and some powerful action plans can be integrated into Balanced Scorecards for CSR Corporate Planning Processes.