Contact us for more information about how each of these events can be tailored and delivered with a CSR focus.


  • Making The News
    Making the News provides the framework for your delegates to think about the company's future direction by creating a frictional “front page news” story based on your company's key messages.

    This activity can be customised further to enable your delegates to map out a feasible CSR statement and action list in accordance to your business nature. On the other hand, if you already have an existing CSR policy, use this opportunity to explore what other steps can be taken to maintain your company's commitment in regards to social responsibility.
  • Breakthrough Challenges
    With Breakthrough Challenges, your delegates learn to appreciate how their interpersonal styles may affect their team's overall success in the company.

    So how about a contribution to the community by offering a donation of a full Breakthrough event to a school, youth group, halfway house, or any charitable foundation that would benefit from the educational relevance of this challenge? To play our part we will provide this at a heavily discounted price.
  • The Big Picture
    The Big Picture has been very successful and is an all time favourite of many clients. It serves as an excellent vehicle to 'give back in some way' to the community.

    Working towards the CSR goal, some of our clients have used the decorative nature of the Big Picture to bring diverse participants together to deliver specific community messages, while others have donated the final art installation to brighten up wall spaces in hospices, play groups or old peoples' homes. The most popular CSR angle has been auctioning the picture for charity post event, which has earned a lot of money over the years.
  • Beatswork
    Beatswork is a high energy experience that transforms your team into a vibrant giant samba rhythm band and has them grooving together in no time. You will be blown away by the sense of unity this event brings out in your staff.

    You can take a voluntary approach by sharing this positive experience, and creating a similar positive impact in your local community. For a worthy cause, you can get volunteers from your company to organise and facilitate this event with various community groups or charity organisations.
  • Community Circus Challenge
    Through Community Circus Challenge, your participants are empowered with skills to make a difference to local communities.

    With their given set of juggling props for selected acts - Juggling, Plate Spinning, Chinese Yo-yo and Diablo - your delegates can volunteer to pass on their newly mastered techniques to a charity of your choice.

    The result is a rewarding experience that promises to boost perseverance and self esteem and helps forge an irreplaceable bond between your delegates and the recipients.
  • Rags to Riches
    Rags To Riches is an engaging CSR  activity that advocates the belief for participants to give back to the community while simultaneously recycling unwanted items.

    After identifying a charity that will benefit from your event, we will help you organize the collection of clothing and other recyclable items from the delegates. At the session, teams partake in a dynamic networking and communication challenge to recreate a giant version of their logo in pre-determined marked-out areas using all the donated items.

    There is an ideal photo opportunity at the end as everyone celebrates their collective creativity. We will then organise the delivery of all the goods to your chosen charities.
  • Building a Dream
    Building a Dream is an extraordinary hands-on bicycle assembly activity, designed to motivate and inspire your delegates. Apart from fostering great teamwork and problem solving skills, the activity delivers results that are immediately meaningful to the less privileged in the community.

    Equipped with detailed instructions, teams are tasked to produce a variety of as many bicycles as they can with strict quality control imposed. After the bikes are all assembled, the teams will be surprised by the arrival of the bicycle recipients- a group of less privileged children from the organisation/s of your choice.

    As the delighted kids wheel off their brand new bikes, your delegates will walk away feeling fulfilled from the visible and immediate impact of their efforts.
  • Appreciative Inquiry for CSR
    The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process is used to inspire and determine a positive approach to generating CSR solutions at your company. The AI process focuses on: the 4D  approach - Discovery (Appreciating), Dream, Design and Destiny. Great results have been achieved, and some powerful action plans can be integrated into Balanced Scorecards for CSR Corporate Planning Processes.