CSR Elements

With Team Building Asia, building your teams can be more than the involvement of your own employees; not only can we help to rekindle team spirits, we can also help to blend different CSR elements into the team building programmes you choose.

Whether it's brightening up the wall spaces in hospitals or elderly people's homes, building bikes for less privileged kids, or reducing your carbon footprint, we can tailor our programmes and events to deliver your CSR messages.

Team Building Asia uses is a process called The Appreciative Inquiry(AI), which is used to inspire and determine a positive approach to generating CSR solutions at your company The AI process focuses on:  the 4D approach - Discovery (Appreciating), Dream, Design and Destiny. Great results have been achieved and some powerful action plans can be integrated into Balanced Scorecards for CSR Corporate Planning Processes.

Click on Community and Environment to see how you can build your teams while helping in local communities and/or protecting the environment.