Case Studies

Dragon Squad - Teambuilding with an Asian Focus

Programme: Dragon Squad

Location: Hong Kong

Client: Kingfisher Sourcing Organisation

Outcome: Creativity, team engagement, team alignment

The sourcing arm of Europe's leading home improvement retailer, Kingfisher celebrated a successful year through completing Team Building Asia’s Dragon Squad experiential learning activity.  The KSO Hong Kong team were divided into twelve teams and highly engaged as they created, assembledand decorateda huge Dragon.  Next they were to bring it to life with an energetic and symbolic Dragon Dance to bring luck and fortune for the coming year.

After a short presentation of the importance of the Dragon to Asian culture, participants began assembling the head and tail of this massive creature.  Eyes, eyelashes, teeth and a moving jaw were glued together before adding paint, colourand each team’s own unique flair to add personality to this mythical creature.   

A series of music and choreography workshops were held concurrently with representatives from each team responsible for music selection and creatingdance moves for the Dragon Dance.  Team leaders ensured their team members will alignedwith the delivery of the dragon dance for the rest of the team with prizes of Best Team Performance and Best Decorated Dragon.

“Dragon Squad is an excellent creative team building activity which provides excellent team engagement and alignment for all involved. ” Valery Cussenot, General Manager KSO Hong Kong Kingfisher Sourcing Organisation