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We have a large variety of experiential training programmes. For intensive classroom style training, psychological testing and assessments take a look at Training & Development. For larger scale, fun, experiential indoor and outdoor programmes take a look at Event Based Team Building.

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Event Based Team Building

Your people are your best asset but to stay competitive, you need more than just great people.

Training and Development

Training & Development

All outputs and deliverables from the Core Training Programmes are consolidated into a participant Debrief Booklet.


Team Building Asia has a variety of assessments and profiling tolls for your business needs..


CSR Elements

With Team Building Asia, building your teams can be more than the involvement of your own employees.

CSR Elements
Team Building Asia Latest News Monday, 14th March 2016

4 game-changing team building activities for communication in the workplace

Companies waste a disturbing amount of time and brain power by participating in communication processes which are ineffectual and unproductive. Altassian revealed that the average worker checks their email 36 times an hour and that it takes approximately 16 minutes to refocus after each ...

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Team Building Asia Latest News Sunday, 21st February 2016

4 Energising Icebreakers to get your team moving and interacting

We all spend entirely too much of our lives strapped to office chairs, looking at our fitbits wondering how on earth we will reach those 10 000 steps! How about you introduce some movement into your office or conference with a few energiser activities? Not only are they fantastic for your ...

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Team Building Asia Latest News Friday, 22nd January 2016

Negotiate your way to success: 3 tips for gaining negotiation power

Negotiations are an essential part of any business venture, but they can also be the most stressful. As a result there is a lot of misleading information about how to ‘win’ a negotiation and a lot of hard and fast rules that may actually be weakening your negotiation power. The ...

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